CollegeWeekLive Transforms College Admissions Process into Ongoing Interactive Conversation

Student Virtual Visits with Colleges Through CollegeWeekLive Grow 84% Year Over Year

Boston, MA (PRWEB) May 21, 2013 - CollegeWeekLive, the leading channel where students and colleges meet online, is helping hundreds of colleges enhance the way they interact with students active in the college search process. High school students have questions throughout junior and senior year as they consider applying to college, but have few opportunities to connect with colleges, except at crowded college fairs or during rushed college visits with a herd of other applicants. In addition, most students' families only have the time and money to visit a few nearby colleges. But with CollegeWeekLive, students participate in online chats with admissions representatives and current college students at every step of the admissions process, whether they are deciding what size and type of school best meets their academic needs, or are confirming what is required to apply to a specific university. Even after a student is accepted, online chats with colleges at CollegeWeekLive can be instrumental in making a final choice of which school to attend.

Similarly, colleges struggle to reach a geographically and socio-economically diverse pool of prospective students each year through traditional enrollment marketing means: email and direct marketing and "feet on the street" admissions representative visits to a handful of large high schools in major cities. Fortunately, CollegeWeekLive is the tool needed to transform the traditional college admissions process into an ongoing, interactive conversation in a more cost-effective way.

For example, College Board, the leader in standardized college admissions testing, turned to CollegeWeekLive when it needed a scalable way to successfully engage minority students and their families with college planning resources. By hosting a series of virtual events called Destino: Universidad with CollegeWeekLive, College Board was able to provide live video presentations with interactive Q&A in both Spanish and English to thousands of Latino students across the nation, providing them with the information to prepare, pay for and successfully complete college.

University of San Diego USD was intent on finding ways to improve the admissions experience for prospective students while at the same time improving yield among accepted students. The university turned to CollegeWeekLive as a tool to have more conversations with students, beginning earlier in the enrollment process. "We don't look at yield as simply what happens when a student is admitted," Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management Stephen Pultz states. "If we can have meaningful conversations at the right time in the students' decision making process, they'll be much more committed to joining the University of San Diego community."

Through innovative programs such as these and a robust schedule of virtual college fairs throughout the academic year, virtual visits between students and colleges at CollegeWeekLive have grown more than 84% year over year. More than 1 million students had registered for CollegeWeekLive through 2012, a number that is expected to grow to 2 million by the close of 2013.

To learn how your college or university can start utilizing CollegeWeekLive, call 800-828-8222 or email colleges(at)collegeweeklive(dot)com. If you are a student, parent or counselor you can register for CollegeWeekLive at no cost. If you have questions, contact Support(at)CollegeWeekLive(dot)com.

CollegeWeekLive is the leading channel where students and colleges meet online. More than 1,200,000 students from 192 countries rely on CollegeWeekLive to help navigate college admission. This live channel provides unprecedented access to expert presentations and enables students to have unscripted conversations with hundreds of colleges. Students turn to CollegeWeekLive to gain insights from current students, admission representatives, and leading experts, whether they are narrowing their choice of schools or making post admission decisions. Through live text and video chats, students, parents and counselors engage directly with colleges at every stage of the enrollment process with CollegeWeekLive.

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