With CollegeWeekLive, Universities Can Engage Prospective Students at Every Stage, from Awareness to Enrollment, Increasing Reach and Improving Yield announces new enrollment marketing solutions tailored to college admissions.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) February 04, 2014- CollegeWeekLive, the leading website where students and colleges meet live online, today announced new enrollment marketing solutions that enable higher education institutions to expand their reach geographically, tailor their outreach based on geographic and demographic intelligence, and improve recruiting results at a lower cost while also increasing yield at both application and enrollment.

CollegeWeekLive was founded in 2007 and has revolutionized the way students research college and how enrollment marketers engage with students online. College admissions offices are under constant pressure to increase enrollment revenue while also recruiting an incoming class that reflects diversity goals and that enhances an institution's brand. CollegeWeekLive offers new solution packages that enable higher education institutions to meet these expectations.

For example, for enrollment marketers that are focused on expanding overall reach both domestically and internationally, CollegeWeekLive offers a Premium Global Package that includes participation in 17 virtual events, an unlimited ability to connect directly with high schools through CollegeWeekLive's High School Connect, 10 video sessions, a private virtual open house and concierge level client services. Today, CollegeWeekLive reaches one third of the estimated two million students that will apply to college in the coming year and students worldwide in 192 countries.

For enrollment marketers that are focused on increasing the percent of accepted students that enroll, CollegeWeekLive offers a Yield Package that includes a full day online event and four videos with content designed specifically for accepted students and their families on topics such as campus life, housing, financial aid. This package enables colleges to keep students engaged through the application year and includes customized marketing materials designed for accepted student outreach. Higher education institutions that have leveraged CollegeWeekLive during the critical determining period between accepted and enrolled have seen yield rates increase as much as 43%.

CollegeWeekLive also offers packages for admissions officers focused on achieving diversity objectives, reaching STEM students, or tasked exclusively with international enrollment. To learn how your college or university can start utilizing CollegeWeekLive, call 800.828.8222 or email colleges(at)collegeweeklive(dot)com.

If you are a student, parent or counselor you can register for CollegeWeekLive at no cost. If you have questions, contact Support(at)CollegeWeekLive(dot)com.

CollegeWeekLive is the leading channel where students and colleges meet online. More than 1,500,000 students from 192 countries rely on CollegeWeekLive to help navigate college admission. This live channel provides unprecedented access to expert presentations and enables students to have unscripted conversations with hundreds of colleges. Students turn to CollegeWeekLive to gain insights from current students, admission representatives, and leading experts, whether they are narrowing their choice of schools or making post admission decisions. Through live text and video chats, students, parents and counselors engage directly with colleges at every stage of the enrollment process with CollegeWeekLive.