Noel-Levitz and CollegeWeekLive Unveil Research Findings on International Student Preferences at NAFSA Conference May 29th

Survey Reveals International Students Expectations, Attitudes, and Intentions in College Admissions Process

Needham, MA (PRWEB) May 28, 2013 - CollegeWeekLive, the leading channel where students and colleges meet online, today announced that president and CEO Robert Rosenbloom will be presenting with Krista Northup, Director of International Recruitment and Agency Operations for the SUNY colleges, and Greg Long, Digital Media Recruitment Officer at Centennial College, at the annual conference of the National Association of Foreign Student Advisers (NAFSA) Wednesday, May 29th on "Beyond the Data: What Drives International Students' College Choices". The presentation will unveil joint research conducted by Noel-Levitz, a higher education consulting firm, and CollegeWeekLive on what communication channels, topics and timing most influence international students' college choices. The presentation will provide case study examples of effective international recruiting strategies tailored to these findings.

With college enrollment by U.S. citizens projected to level off through 2020, many colleges and universities are interested in increasing their recruitment efforts to the growing number of international students applying to U.S. colleges, but want to better understand what causes these students to apply and subsequently enroll and what resources they rely on when researching colleges. Like their domestic counterparts, international students and their families have questions throughout the college application process, but have a more limited ability to connect with colleges, and there are cultural differences that should be noted in admissions outreach.

To answer those questions, Noel-Levitz and CollegeWeekLive conducted a survey of prospective international students in early 2013. The respondents revealed their expectations, attitudes, and intentions on a variety of recruitment topics, such as communication preferences, influences on their enrollment decisions, concerns about studying abroad, and the number of campuses they would apply to. "As more colleges look to increase international enrollment, we felt it was important to provide insight into the most important topics and communication channel preferences for students in different regions of the world," said Robert Rosenbloom, president and CEO of CollegeWeekLive. "The end result is colleges will be able to create international recruitment and communications plans that are more likely to keep students engaged."

Please attend the 10:15 AM Wednesday May 29th session, which will take place in America's Center, Room 130 at the NAFSA conference. If you would like more information or a copy of the published report when it is available, please contact colleges(at)collegeweeklive(dot)com.

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