CollegeWeekLive Announces 1.6 Million Student Visits with Colleges in 2013 Forms Advisory Board Including Higher Education Executives from Bentley, Harvard, Notre Dame and National Association of College Admissions Counselors (NACAC)

Boston, MA (PRWEB) February 03, 2014- CollegeWeekLive, the leading website where students and colleges meet live online, today announced that more than 1.6 million student visits with colleges took place at the popular college admissions destination in 2013, a 72% growth over the preceding year. CollegeWeekLive has also formed an advisory board composed of innovative thought leaders from leading universities and non-profit organizations.

"We are pleased that we closed the year with such strong growth in user engagement at CollegeWeekLive," said Robert Rosenbloom, President and CEO of CollegeWeekLive. "And the formation of our advisory board will provide our leadership team with sage counsel as we focus on not only meeting, but exceeding, stakeholder expectations in 2014." The advisory board includes Larry Bacow, President in Residence at Harvard Graduate School of Education and President Emeritus of Tufts University; Jeff Fuller, current President-elect for the National Association of College Admissions Counseling and Director of Student Recruitment at the University of Houston; Joyce Lantz, Director of Recruitment and Communications at the University of Notre Dame; Joann McKenna, Vice President of Enrollment Management at Bentley University; Michelle Mullen, Executive Vice President of Curriculum and Learning for AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) Center and Tom Williams, former CEO of Noel-Levitz and Principal of Williams & Company.

CollegeWeekLive has also recently bolstered its enrollment solutions team with experienced higher education executives, including Darla DeGrace, previously an Associate Director of Admissions and Academic Programs at Simmons School of Management; Kelli Kilpatrick, previously a Director of the MBA program at Texas A&M University; and Daniel Monahan, previously Dean of Admissions & Enrollment at Stonehill College. "We are excited to add these executives, with deep higher ed experience, to our team," said Mike Garvin, Vice President of College and Consortium Partnerships for CollegeWeekLive. "They can help our clients leverage our interactive enrollment solutions throughout the enrollment process to maximize yield and shape their incoming classes in alignment with institutional objectives."

CollegeWeekLive was founded in 2007 and has revolutionized the way high school teens research college and how college admissions officers and prospective students connect online. Today, one in three college bound students utilizes CollegeWeekLive in the college admissions process and to find the best college match. The website enables students to live chat with admissions representatives and students from hundreds of universities and watch presentations from experts on topics such as mastering standardized tests, writing a standout college application essay, choosing a college and navigating the financial aid process.

To learn how your college or university can start utilizing CollegeWeekLive, call 800.828.8222 or email colleges(at)collegeweeklive(dot)com. If you are a student, parent or counselor you can register for CollegeWeekLive at no cost. If you have questions, contact Support(at)CollegeWeekLive(dot)com.

CollegeWeekLive is the leading channel where students and colleges meet online. More than 1,500,000 students from 192 countries rely on CollegeWeekLive to help navigate college admission. This live channel provides unprecedented access to expert presentations and enables students to have unscripted conversations with hundreds of colleges. Students turn to CollegeWeekLive to gain insights from current students, admission representatives, and leading experts, whether they are narrowing their choice of schools or making post admission decisions. Through live text and video chats, students, parents and counselors engage directly with colleges at every stage of the enrollment process with CollegeWeekLive.