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CollegeWeekLive is the go-to source for brands that are looking to capture the mindshare of students around the world. This unique digital channel offers companies an opportunity to strengthen their brand and connect with a highly engaged and targeted audience. We craft customized solutions that focus on lead generation, customer acquisition, brand awareness, market research and engagement.

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Featured Sponsors 

HP Case Study

HP was looking to raise brand awareness and engagement among tech-savvy high school and college students through HP Academy. As a CollegeWeekLive partner, they take advantage of targeted emails and live presentations that strengthen the brand and move students further along in the buying cycle. Nearly 50,000 new students registered at HP Academy as a direct result of CollegeWeekLive campaigns.

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Intel Case Study

Intel was looking to gain insight into product and brand sentiment among college-bound students. They commissioned CollegeWeekLive to conduct an annual brand study on students' brand affinity and planned buying cycle. Nearly 14,000 students completed last year's survey, giving Intel valuable insight into students' brand sentiment, shopping cycle, and preferences.

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