International Recruiting

Strengthen your brand

  • Reach international students who can't visit campus in person
  • Improve communication across formerly fragmented channels
  • Attract thousands of students across 192 countries through events such as International Students Day and Asian Students Day

Overcome obstacles to international recruiting

  • Invite international students and their parents to live chat at key decision points in the enrollment process
  • Share live presentations from the U.S. State Department, Department of Education, and TOEFL on obtaining a visa, getting a good TOEFL score, and preparing for life at a U.S. university
  • Make recruiting information accessible in the students' native language

Recruit the best students

  • Reach students earlier in the college search process to make an impression
  • Invite prospective students to live chat with current students from their home country to make them feel more welcome
  • Use specialized events to increase the quality of personalization and engagement

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