E-Expectations Research
Produced in Partnership with Noel-Levitz

CollegeWeekLive has partnered with Noel-Levitz to continually develop independent research that's of value to university leadership responsible for developing strategic college recruiting strategies. Through in-depth interviews with college-bound students, Noel-Levitz uncovers insights that help schools develop and hone their enrollment marketing plans.

2013 E-Expectations Report: The Impact of Mobile Browsing on the College Search Process

This survey of 2,000 college-bound juniors and seniors explores how mobile devices affect the college search process. Discover their mobile browsing behavior - how frequently they use their phones to go online, their content priorities, and how often they check e-mail on their phones - to see how mobile browsing has impacted the college search process. The report also explored e-mail usage, the influence of Web sites on their perception of a campus, and changing social media use.

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Recruiting Abroad: Understanding the Expectations and Behaviors of Prospective International Students

Learn about the attitudes and expectations of prospective international students looking to study in the U.S. Download a complimentary copy of the latest Noel-Levitz E-Expectations Trend Report on Recruiting Abroad: Understanding the Expectations and Behaviors of Prospective International Students

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Prospective Student Expectations for Cost Calculators and Discussions on Financial Aid

This e-expectations report surveyed 5,679 college-bound students about their use and attitudes toward net price calculators. The report authors recommend that colleges:
  • Encourage students to make personal contact about costs
  • Provide ample opportunities for students to communicate with their financial aid or admissions staff
  • Consider hosting webcasts on tuition and financial aid to build personal connects and make it easier for students to prepare and pay for college
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2012 E-Expectations Report: The Online Expectations of College-Bound Juniors and Seniors

This survey of 2,000 college-bound juniors and seniors provides insight into their expectations for college websites, mobile usage, e-mail, and social media. Notable findings include:
  • 69 percent of prospective students would like to participate in live chats with current students to help them choose the right college match.
  • Respondents showed a high level of use of webcams, and willingness to interact with college reps via webcams.
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The Communication Expectations of College-Bound High School Students

This survey of 1,300 college-bound students examines the preferred communication methods for students as well as which methods they find the most meaningful and effective. It highlights:
  • How live online communication is transforming the college search experience
  • Which communication channels are even more popular than Facebook
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The Mobile Browsing Behaviors and Expectations of College-Bound High School Students

Noel-Levitz surveyed 2,300 students regarding their use of mobile devices in the college search process. Key findings include:
  • Mobile is becoming increasingly important
    to students.
  • 92 percent of students said they are interested in chatting with admissions reps from their mobile device.
  • More than 48 percent of students report that a positive mobile site experience affects their
    opinion of a college.
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