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Creating frequent and meaningful connections with your students throughout the enrollment process is critical to your success.

CollegeWeekLive offers a suite of products, from email marketing to SMS texting solutions, supporting student engagement in familiar and accessible channels.

Campus Connect

Campus Connect is a chat application you can embed on your own site or anywhere you’re looking to connect with prospective and admitted students. With Campus Connect, students can chat across multiple platforms while admissions representatives can manage chat activity through one central dashboard.

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Q-Mail is an email marketing tool built to enhance the communication capabilities of our engagement platform. With Q-Mail, you can create automated and intelligent email campaigns, based on your unique audience segmentation needs, without limitations associated with database constraints.

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Q-Message is our SMS texting platform, allowing you to seamlessly connect with prospects in 190+ countries and territories without the need for extensive list segmentation or IT support.

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Q-Board is an online collaboration tool that allows you to connect with your audience prior to your event. Through Q-Board, you are able to poll your audience on the topics, and questions that are most important to them, ensuring your event reflects the information your audience is hoping to learn.

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Q-Tokens replace a user’s CollegeWeekLive login credentials with a series of randomly generated characters. By using a Q-Token, prospects are able to bypass registration pages and instead are dropped immediately into a CollegeWeekLive page (both public and private) in one click.

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