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CollegeWeekLive is the go-to source for organizations looking to engage students, parents, and educators around the world. Through CollegeWeekLive.com and the CollegeWeekLive Partner Network, we offer opportunities to strengthen your brand and connect directly with a highly engaged and targeted audience.

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Benefits of Working with CollegeWeekLive

  • Detailed member lead data and reporting
  • Minimum performance guarantees
  • Opportunity for exclusivity within your category
  • Highly engaged, highly motivated audience
  • Competitive trial opportunities


Display Ads:

Place IAB standard sizes (300x250px, 160x600px, and 728x90px) ads on responsive designed site for compatibility with mobile devices and tablets.

Audience Extension Ads:

Target your audience across display, mobile, social, and video channels, extending your reach. 300x250px, 160x600px, and 728x90px standard IAB units are available.


Launch a static or video ad that loads prior to an on-demand video presentation.

Sponsored Content:

Associate your brand with relevant content developed specifically for your target audience or provide your own content with links back to your site.

Video Pre-Roll:

Provide video content that is integrated into the video player as part of an on-demand video presentation.

Wallpaper / Skins:

Provide a take-over wallpaper or skin on CollegeWeekLive for special promotional opportunities – limited availability


Participate in educational presentations targeted at students, parents, or educators to help spread your message.

Online Events:

Host your own private or co-branded virtual online event targeting your desired audience, including your own customers, employees, or members.

Native Advertising:

Conduct a presentation and Q&A session on the topic of your choice during a CollegeWeekLive virtual event.

Industry Conferences:

Develop a custom, joint outreach effort targeted at high school or college counselors, college admissions executives, and other industry insiders.


Put your brand front and center during one or more of our virtual events with broad exposure and unique access to attendees.

Email Blasts:

Use exclusive custom-designed emails to communicate directly with your target audience. Over 20 data points are available for targeting and selection.


Promote your organization in our monthly content eNewsletter or in our event-specific promotional email.

Direct Mail:

Reach members at home through direct mail as part of a surround strategy.

Sampling Kits:

Drive product trial awareness through in-home sampling.

Social Media:

Reach students through Facebook and Twitter.

Counselor Flyers:

Provide a document that can be shared with thousands of high school counselors for distribution at the local high school level.

Market Research:

Leverage a unique audience through primary or secondary research. Develop your own unique panel or just learn what makes these groups tick.


Promote your contest or sweepstakes or have us create a custom one that appeals directly to our audience.


Integrate directly into the CollegeWeekLive registration path with an opt-in option for sign-up or information from your organization – very limited availability.

Affiliate Programs:

Provide access to your products or services through traditional affiliate programs on a cost-per-action basis.


Promote your existing scholarship or create a custom one based on your goals and criteria.

Case Studies


Hewlett Packard

Challenge: Raise brand awareness and engagement among high school and college students through its online store HP Academy.

Solution: To strengthen its brand identity among students, HP partnered with CollegeWeekLive to achieve two goals: increase HP Academy membership and drive student engagement. HP can customize PCs to meet students’ specific needs, and was looking for new ways to get the word out about these capabilities. HP utilized multiple components, including native advertising, eNewsletters, display ads, and email blasts, to reach their target audience.

Results: Nearly 50,000 new students registered at the HP Academy as a direct result of the CollegeWeekLive campaign, greatly exceeding HP’s goals.

>> View the entire HP Case Study (PDF)

High school and college students are very sophisticated, tech savvy buyers. We need to communicate with them in different ways and through different venues than we do with other consumers.
- Kim Oberlindacher, Consumer Exchange Sales Manager for HP



Challenge: Reach college-bound students who were on the cusp of making buying decisions for new PCs and other technology products. In addition, the company was looking to gain insights into product and brand sentiment among this coveted demographic.

Solution: Intel saw an opportunity to leverage CollegeWeekLive’s database of college-bound students to better understand how it was perceived among this audience. To that end, they commissioned CollegeWeekLive to conduct an annual brand study focused on students’ brand affinity and planned buying cycles. CollegeWeekLive created and executed innovative email campaigns to encourage students to participate in the study, and segmented respondents by age, sex, and geographic location for better data analysis. Intel utilized multiple components, including native advertising, eNewsletters, display ads, and email blasts to reach their target audience.

Results: Nearly 14,000 students completed last year’s survey, giving Intel valuable insight into students’ brand sentiment, shopping cycles, and preferences. In addition, more than 12,000 students engaged directly with Intel through booth visits, video views, and chat sessions.

>> View the entire Intel Case Study (PDF)

We were looking for new ways to make a direct impact on the audience. And we were looking to gain insights into the health of our brand.
- Alejandra Carvallo, U.S. Shopping Marketing and Audience Manager for Intel


Discover Student Loans

Challenge: Generate awareness and leads for the Discover Student Loans program from High School and College Students and Parents.

Solution: CollegeWeekLive developed a custom, five-month outreach campaign that involved multiple components, including native advertising, eNewsletters, display ads, and email blasts. Over the course of the campaign, CWL provided awareness drivers and relevant content to best engage potential prospects.

Results: CollegeWeekLive over-delivered by 280% against the campaign goals, far exceeding expectations. Each individual aspect of the campaign delivered favorable results and drove positive engagement on the part of the members.

Frankly we were surprised, though very pleased, by how far this campaign exceeded our expectations.
- Patricia Severo


Buick Achievers Scholarship Program

Challenge: Generate awareness of the Buick Achievers Scholarship Program.

Solution: Understanding the importance that scholarships play in the lives of members, CollegeWeekLive developed a comprehensive surround strategy to generate the application goal in a short timeframe. The program included native advertising, eNewsletters, display ads, email blasts, social media, webinars, and counselor flyers. A video presentation from a previous scholarship winner, coupled with Q&A and chat functionality, provided an engaging program to generate the desired number of leads and applications.

Results: Generated millions of impressions and more than 65,000 visits to the Buick Achievers program page. 75% of visitors represented net new leads.

I found out about this scholarship a few days ago so when I saw that there was a live chat going on I joined immediately.
- High School Senior CWL Member



Challenge: Cost effectively drive domestic and international college students to sign up for new campus TV rental or phone SIM card programs

Solution: To best reach students in a timely manner, CWL developed an email blast program to be delivered over a three-month period to reinforce primary messages and drive desired actions.

Results: More than 13,000 leads were generated, with a 26% lower cost-per-lead than the industry average, delivering a positive ROI and net sales growth.

The team at CollegeWeekLive have been responsive and flexible to meet our unique needs and a pleasure to work with.
- Scott Pirello, Founder & CEO



Challenge: Gain access to a unique target audience of high school and college students to help inform their signature program strategy and components with explicit data points.

Solution: Leveraging a collaboration with a youth leadership organization, PwC shared their mobile application with CWL members. The mobile application allowed PwC to gain valuable insights, with standardized data across multiple audiences. CWL promoted the organization’s youth education efforts through native advertising, eNewsletters, display ads, email blasts, market research, social media, and webinars with CEU credits.

Results: PwC took a non-traditional approach to communicating with students, providing valuable content and information to help students plan for their future. By taking a genuine interest in students’ needs, PwC gained valuable insights. The outreach resulted in more than 30,000 student interactions. The company is looking to renew the program for another year.

The CollegeWeekLive audience is a perfect fit for our research needs.
- Eileen Buckley, US Corporate Responsibility



Challenge: Help connect high school students and their parents to colleges and gain unprecedented access for an often underrepresented audience.

Solution: In partnership with Univision, CollegeWeekLive produced a co-branded event. Univision took care of media, promotion to families, and some aspects of the content while CWL took care of the platform, acquiring school participation, scheduling an agenda full of expert speakers, and developing marketing materials.

Results: The first-ever Univision Virtual College Fair was a resounding success for more than 130 participating colleges and universities, with more than 30,000 visits to schools’ online profiles in a single day. Students and parents attended several bilingual presentations on scholarships, financial aid, and the application process. This unique event increased college access for underrepresented students while giving schools an opportunity to meet their diversity goals.

We are planning for our third such event and look forward to our continued partnership.
- Maria Bures, Supervising Producer, Univision


SALT, a program of American Student Assistance

Challenge: Drive awareness of American Student Assistance and sign-ups for their SALT program of financial literacy. Achieve a minimum number of leads with a cost-effective ROI. Find a way to test content and marketing messages to determine effectiveness to then use in other outreach efforts.

Solution: Helping students prepare for the inevitable world of loan debt meant providing content and information in a way students could relate to. In addition to videos and chat sessions, CWL promoted SALT through native advertising, eNewsletters, display ads, email blasts, and market research.

Results: CollegeWeekLive has achieved more than 300% of the goal for leads, exceeding internal goals for program sign-ups and conversion rates.

CollegeWeekLive has really helped us achieve our goals. We value our partnership and look forward to working together in the future.
- Kimberly Klasner, Content Production Specialist, ASA


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