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$1,000 CollegeWeekLive Monthly Scholarship

We believe that a college education is the key to having opportunities in life. That's why our scholarship will reward students who are working hard to research, apply and choose a college. Winning is easy - all you need to do is login to CollegeWeekLive and visit 5 colleges that interest you. One lucky winner will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship every month. And many other winners may find the college of their dreams.

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My name is Génesis Suárez, I am from Venezuela. I really appreciate CollegeWeekLive giving me this opportunity. I always wanted to study Psychology, but in my country it's expensive. With this scholarship I can make my dream come true, Thank you so much…
When I registered in CollegeWeekLive I was looking for some information about universities in the US, and I couldn't find a better tool to give me what I needed and more than I expected. Good information through a good website. God bless you all!

Genesis S.
$2,500 May International Students Day Winner

My name is Logan and I am currently a senior at Great Oak High School. I am so grateful to CollegeWeekLive for awarding me this scholarship! This money will go a long way to help me financially as I begin to study as undergraduate philosophy student next fall at Biola University.

CollegWeekLive is an amazing resource that gives students information to help guide them on their paths to the future. CollegeWeekLive gives many scholarship opportunities that students need to take advantage of, you can't win if you don't try! I am very thankful for what CollegeWeekLive has been able to do for me, it is a wonderful resource that all students should be encouraged to use.

Logan B.
$1,000 Monthly Scholarship Winner - Mar. 2015

"My name is haris awais. I'm a BBA graduate from Pakistan. I'm finding my way into finding masters program in a USA University. Only Because of the CollegeWeekLive platform, all the information I need is a click away,I hope to get scholarship one day through this platform. Thank you for making my dreams come true."

Haris A
Mar. 2015 Asian Students Day iPhone 6 Winner

"My name is Usama Gulzar. I'm a High school graduate from Pakistan. I'm finding my way into an undergrad mechanical engineering program in a USA University. Because of the CollegeWeekLive platform, all the information I need is a click away and especially the scholarship program has given me an important source to pay for college. Thank you for providing such a platform and making dreams come true."

Usama G
Feb. 2015 International Students Day iPhone 6 Winner

"I am Sudarshan from Nepal currently doing IB in China. CollegeWeekLive is a great platform for international students to get on a live conversation with the Universities. Through this website I got chance to inquire UBC about the admission requirements and the scholarships live which helped me to get through the application process easily.."

Sudarshan S.
Nov. 2014 International Students Day iPad Winner

"My name is Sami A. I'm from Saudi Arabia. Recently, I graduated from Jubail Industrial College (JIC). My major is Chemical Engineering Technology. After I got my A.S. Degree, I was looking for a college to continue my B.S. in Chemical Engineering. I accidentally found CollegeWeekLive. What I like about this great website is that it gives me the opportunity to contact colleges and universities. Now, I feel so happy because I found many options and will pick a college to study sooner. I'm glad to be one of the winners and thank you so much from the bottom of my heart."

Sami A.
Europe, Middle East & Africa Students Day iPad Winner

"Thank you CollegeWeekLive! I currently attend the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. CollegeWeekLive has been a great resource for scholarships and information on colleges. Thank you for the iPad!"

Sheineen N.
International Students Day iPad Winner

"Hello. My name is Kazeem H. from Nigeria a prospective graduate student in Engineering. CollegeWeekLive’s website is a great opportunity for all intending international students to find a University of their choice. You will have the opportunity to interact live with college representatives on admissions requirements, tuition and scholarship opportunities."

Kazeem H.
Europe, Middle East & Africa Students Day iPad Winner

"My Name is Kevin B. and I'm currently ending my last year in Mechatronics Engineering in Peru. I really like everything that is tech-related so I want to pursue a PhD in CS (Machine Learning, Big Data, Natural Language Processing) and hopefully someday I will work in a top Silicon Valley company. I found CollegeWeekLive accidentally; however, since then I gathered a lot of useful information about post-graduate degrees in just one webpage, which I consider really helpful."

Kevin B.
Latin American Students Day iPad Winner

Ipad winner Russia
"My name is Anna Vidanova. I'm from Russia, Moscow. I'm currently a senior in Russian High School. I was an exchange student in USA for one academic year and I got interested in continuing my education abroad. I think that CollegeWeekLive website is a great opportunity for all international students to find a university which matches you. It's very convenient to interact with college representatives through this event because you get fast reply and you don't need to wait for the reply. Thank you for this opportunity! Also I'm extremely happy to be a one of three lucky iPad winners!"

Anna V.
August 2014 International Students Day iPad Winner

Ipad winner India
"I am a high school student in Bangladesh who is applying to colleges in the US this year. I found collegeweek live while looking for colleges to apply to. I used the site for the first time on International student's day. A huge number of colleges were present and I could talk to them directly. So far, I've found the site very useful.."

Qavi I.
August 2014 International Students Day iPad Winner

"I found CollegeWeekLive by accident, but it turned out to be a wonderful opportunity for me to have a better understanding of some famous universities which I intend to apply. This website will provide you with rich information about universities; you can get tuition rates, average grades, scholarship information and so on. With this useful information, you're able to identify your best matching universities."

Yang L. (Lily) 
May 2014 International Students Day iPad Winner

Ipad winner India
"My experience with CollegeWeekLive was amazing. Interacting with university representatives helped me clear some of the major doubts I had, and I felt secure with the knowledge that the information being provided is authentic and not speculative, as opposed to many unauthorized sources on the web. As an International applicant, I feel I am better informed about studying in US after using CollegeWeekLive, and I would like to thank them for the experience."

Shantam S.
May 2014 International Students Day iPad Winner

Ipad winner Vietnam
"My name is Trang and I'm currently a 10th grade student at Thang Long High School, Hanoi, Vietnam. During online event on May 7, I was able to see a lot of good colleges in America, and it really helped me to choose schools better as I will go to study abroad at the end of this year. Thank you all once again for giving me such a great opportunity!"

Trang L.
May 2014 International Students Day iPad Winner

"The CollegeWeekLive $10,000 scholarship has provided me an opportunity to do more in college by giving me peace of mind financially. As a result I was able to take extra classes, join a sorority, and take on a leadership role with the freshman class. I really appreciate such an awesome start to my college career!"

Mindi P.
$10,000 Spring Winner

"My name is Kaity and I am a proud graduate of both Medway Highschool, and H.B. Beal Secondary School, and am also a proud resident of London, Ontario, Canada. I currently attend The University of Western Ontario, enrolled in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program, with honors specialization in studio arts, in my second year. With my degree, it is my dream to become attend The University of Western Ontario's Teacher's College, and I would love to go on and teach art. I like CollegeWeekLive, and Hp Academy, because of their student specific benefits, and deals. All sorts of offers and bonus's tailored to your specific profile, are right there at your finger tips. They make it easy to get connected with many different schools, and to discover what school is best for you.

In order to afford my schooling this year, I work three jobs, and still attend full time classes. Winning this scholarship means so much to me!! I can have a bit more free time, and leisure time, and I will now be able to afford a much needed new lap top!! I was so happy when I found out!! Still, I can hardly believe it! Thank you so much CollegeWeekLive and Hp Academy!! I will never forget this!"

Kaity S.
$2,500 College Kickoff Scholarship

"I am currently a ninth grade student at Orange Hills High Schools. My dream college is Harvard University or New York University. I hope to major in Politics.

CollegeWeekLive has been very useful to me and helped me learn a lot about the colleges that I want to go to."

Madeline N.
Hunger Games HP Folio 13 Laptop Winner

"I currently attend Patrick Henry High School and will be going to UCLA for college. I chose UCLA because the academics, location and opportunities are nearly unmatched.

I'm not entirely sure yet. Whatever I do, I know that I want to follow my passions and help those around me. I'm looking forward to exploring these possibilities at UCLA.

My favorite thing about CollegeWeekLive was the virtual college fairs that allow current and prospective students to visit college booths without ever leaving the computer. The live chats with college representatives are a particularly favorite feature, because you can ask any question and get a real response from someone at the college within seconds."

Andre T.
$5,000 Spring 2012 Winner

“I am currently home schooled and will be attending my dream college, Hillsdale College, in the fall. I chose Hillsdale because it is academically strong and has a strong sense of community. I've met a lot of people there, and they are all friendly. It is a small college, and everyone can know everyone else to some extent. My brother also goes there, which is a plus.

I have a lot of interests, but I've always liked film making. I would love to be involved in any or all the creative aspects of making a movie. I also love working with people, so if I could be part of a screenwriting team that also gets to be involved in the shooting process, that would be pretty ideal for me.

I have to say my favorite thing about CollegeWeekLive was the scholarship contest that I won. The assignment was really fun; we had to submit a video, picture, or song about the number pi. I enjoyed both making my video and looking at the other submissions, which were pretty cool. Aside from the scholarships, I like the ability to visit different college booths and chat with representatives.”

Daniel S.
$3,142 STEM Day Scholarship Winner

“I currently attend Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, which is my dream school. The setting of the campus is perfect. Mountains surround the campus and the beach is a 15 minute drive. Also because Cal Poly is not close to home, yet not to far away. Another reason is because Cal Poly is a top public university and the motto the Cal Poly stands by: learn by doing.

My dream job is to be a surgeon because I want to save lives and make a difference in a person's health. I also enjoy the dedication and rush that comes along with the job.

I really like the college fairs CollegeWeekLive hosts. It is convenient because I do not have to travel to get a feel of how the college is in person when I can do it through a live streaming. It is seems as if the college fair came to me instead of the other way around, I appreciate that.”

Adrianna J.
$5,000 Regional Day Scholarship Winner

"I am a sophomore at Shasta College and my dream college would be Utah Valley University. I would love to work in the video game industry. CollegeWeekLive is a great resource for getting access to scholarships and I'm really thankful for the laptop!"

Hailey R.
Hunger Games HP Folio 13 Laptop Winner

“My current high school is Canton Junior/Senior High School. My dream college is the University of Scranton because I have positively fallen in love with the campus, the people, and the activities the college and the city provides. My dream job would be a lawyer because I believe everyone deserves to be treated fairly and justice is important to me.

CollegeWeekLive makes scholarship money available to anyone, especially since money for college is being extremely difficult to obtain.”

Mariah T.
$1,000 January 2012 Winner

"I am so grateful for CollegeWeekLive and the wonderful resources it provides to prospective college students. The Paying for College Scholarship I received helped tremendously as I transitioned from high school to college. The $1,500 scholarship allowed me to purchase many college necessities that often are overlooked by incoming freshman such as books and other supplies."

Rebecca L.
$1,500 Paying for College Winner

"I currently attend Marble Falls High School. My dream college is Oxford because of all the possibilities it comes with it. I hope to become a psychologist because helping others is my dream.

CollegeWeekLive has given me so many opportunities during my college search. I love them all!"

Gabby H.
$1,000 Diversity Day Winner

"I currently attend my dream college, North Carolina State University. I am pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Nuclear Engineering and am considering attending graduate school. My dream job would involve helping to improve the technology behind nuclear power generation to make it safer and more efficient.

CollegeWeekLive is awesome! The virtual events like a live chat or online open house are great for prospective students and I really enjoy the scholarships."

James A.
Hunger Games HP Folio 13 Laptop Winner

"I cannot express how thankful I am of CollegeWeekLive, not only is the $1,500 scholarship helping lessen the financial burden of school but it has also helped me learn about the in-depth information needed to make my decision on which school to go to. Thank you so much, I will continue to study and work hard to make use of your generous contribution."

Bobby L.
$1,500 Test Prep Winner

"I'd like to thank CollegeWeekLive for the opportunities and great partnerships with other companies like HP!

My current high school is Boston Latin School. I will be attending Wellesley College this fall. I hope to pursue a career in the Sciences, most likely Environmental Science.

I think that CollegeWeekLive is a cool resource that provides valuable opportunities for students to learn about colleges and interact with them. It provides a unique experience that utilizes the internet effectively and also offers a great source of events, scholarship opportunities, and giveaways. I am grateful for these opportunities and was lucky enough to win one of the giveaways!"

Lori W.
HP Folio 13 Laptop Computer Winner

"I currently go to Platte County R3 High School as a senior.

Missouri Southern State University is my dream college ~I really want to become a therapist. Have my own clinic, open 5-10 pm for people who have to work throughout the day.

I enjoy collegeweeklive because it was easy to talk to different colleges and even some colleges that I didn't plan to attend I found questions that I wanted to ask other colleges.

Thank you for the beats ( I rarely take them off)"

Kristen L.
Beats Headphones Winner

"I am currently attending Kentucky Christian University, my dream college, where I am seeking a Pre-medicine degree. I am still uncertain of the exact field I want to enter, but I am fascinated by the medical field.

Concerning my experiences with CollegeWeekLive, I can offer nothing but praise! The presentations are extremely helpful and lively, the booths are interesting and informative, and the scholarships are awesome!"

Tyler F.
dm45 Beats Edition Notebook