How We Help

Engage Students throughout the Enrollment Process

CollegeWeekLive makes your recruiting efforts much more efficient. Leveraging our highly engaged audience of students, parents, and high school counselors makes it easy to:

  • Expand reach around the country and around the world
  • Attract the right mix of students
  • Win over top applicants
  • Drive down recruiting costs
  • Improve yield and retention rates

Key Benefits

 Expand reach

  • Reach students in an online channel they prefer
  • Invite high schools to online meetings
  • Tap into our high school counselor network

 Attract the right mix of students

  • Meet students who are just starting their college search
  • Use targeting & custom programming to connect with students in key demographics
  • Give students a more comfortable way to engage with you

 Win over top applicants

  • Create bonds with students early on
  • Improve the quality of engagement and personalization
  • Proactively meet students' needs throughout enrollment

 Drive Down Recruiting Costs

  • Recruit students around the world without additional travel costs
  • Get more out of your in-person visits
  • Strengthen your brand presence

 Improve Yield & Retention Rates

  • Give students ways to engage beyond campus visits
  • Connect with students when they're at key decision points in the enrollment process
  • Have more frequent, in-depth conversations that ensure the right college match